You will learn:

  • Masterful Skills

    Develop and use masterful skills in your own work by learning valuable lessons that accomplished authors give us on the page.

  • Tools & Techniques

    Improve your writing practice for success with strategies and tools for setting goals, taking on challenges, and fulfilling your intentions.

  • Creative Process

    Find ongoing inspiration and motivation for your writing projects, while deepening your reading engagement.

Transform your story—the one you're writing, the one you're living.

Does this sound promising? It is.

"Wherever we are in our writing, we can take it to the next level by learning from masterful authors. When we transform the story we’re working on by writing more deeply with greater purpose and skill, we transform our practices, careers, and lives. It's not simple, but it is simply possible. This course features my framework, "9 Ways to Mastery," which I affectionately call "Master Craft Juggling," to help you transform your writing process for success." CW

Why do you write? 

What difference can you make in the world as writers and readers? How will you participate in this literary community?

"When I entered the Bennington Writing Seminars MFA program in Writing and Literature in Fiction, I was a published author in narrative nonfiction and had completed two novel manuscripts. The program's motto was: "Read 100 books. Write one." It had a profound impact on my writing and reading life. I learned HOW to learn writing craft through close reading of books by masterful authors. I developed a greater appreciation for how writers impact our communities and cultures through their stories and books. I've put the essence of what I gained from the MFA program and additional close reading into this course. As storytellers, we are all experts and all learners. I teach because I love teaching, writing, and sharing the creative process." CW

Learn at your own pace.

Exercise your imagination with a self-paced video format and supplemental writing exercises.

The videos and activities will strengthen your creative process and spark hours of thinking, writing, and reading with a fresh mind and eye toward the "how" and "why" of fiction. Writing fiction exercises the muscles of imagination and empathy to benefit our awareness and compassion as human beings sharing one planet. This course encompasses the elements of powerful, memorable fiction in nine chapters:  1 Gatekeepers & Story Seeds. 2 Voice, Style & Point of View. 3 Whole-bodied Characters. 4 Presence of Place. 5 Tension & Plot. 6 Time & Consciousness. 7 Love & Other Emotions. 8 Image & the Senses. 9 Theme & Gestalt.

How much time is required?

Course content includes videos, activities, writing sparks, and summary quizzes.

You may move through the course slowly, giving yourself time for the writing activities and reading. Or you may want to binge watch the videos in sequence for an overview, go back later to the writing activities, and view the videos again as they relate to your writing or revision. The routine you establish for taking the course can help you develop more productive writing habits. "Writing Sparks" as prompts to ignite your writing and revision are in the videos and the course PDFs for download. Selected graphics and material from the videos can be viewed and downloaded in PDF to keep on hand as references. Click the FAQ tab in the top menu for more details.

"Read 100 books. Write one."

Is it necessary to read all the books on the list?

As Christine discovered in her MFA program, close reading of time-tested literature will greatly benefit your writing, and she refers to many of those books in this course. However, it's not essential that you read all the books referenced. Context is given as needed for the quoted material used in the videos. You may want to read the books from the list now or later and add your own titles to return to for their wisdom. Posts about many of the books on the list and others can be found on the "Christine Walker Discusses Fiction Craft" blog at
stacks of books


Move forward with your writing goals.

It's often difficult to navigate one's creative path and always satisfying to make progress. "Writing Fiction: 9 Ways to Mastery" is designed with definitions of "course" in mind: 1) Onward movement in a particular direction; progress. 2) The route or path taken by something, such as a stream, that moves. 3) A continuous layer of building material. 4) A complete body of prescribed studies constituting a curriculum. 5) A unit of such curriculum. This course will help you move forward with your writing goals and find companionship and encouragement on your writing journey.

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Visit Christine's YouTube Channel for Moments of Mastery videos about writing, visual storytelling, and creative process.

Praise for this course:

5 star rating

Terrific model, clear videos, inviting writing tasks

Natasha Haugnes

Writing Fiction: 9 Ways to Mastery offers a flexible structure to help writers develop their craft. "Writing models" are often frustratingly over-simplified ...

Read More

Writing Fiction: 9 Ways to Mastery offers a flexible structure to help writers develop their craft. "Writing models" are often frustratingly over-simplified (5-paragraph essay, anyone?!), or so complex that they make me dizzy. This one feels just right. The presenter has clearly road-tested and honed the model over her years of teaching with it. The videos are clear, professional and nicely paced. Discussion of passages in current literature ground each "way" in real stories, and the writing "sparks" are inviting. While I have taught Freshman Composition for a number of years, I have not written fiction since I was a teenager. This course is pulling me back into it!

Read Less
5 star rating

This course is rich in content, expertly presented - a pe...

Sally Dawson

I have been an avid reader and a casual writer, mostly in journals, all my adult life. I taught grade schoolers, developed a fiction writing curriculum for mi...

Read More

I have been an avid reader and a casual writer, mostly in journals, all my adult life. I taught grade schoolers, developed a fiction writing curriculum for middle grade students, coached engineers to express their ideas in words, and wrote a family bedtime story for my children. I now have the time and desire to write more thoughtfully and completely. Writing Fiction: 9 Ways to Mastery has given me the perfect impetus to begin. Dividing fiction writing into nine manageable sections provides clear guidance. The videos are short so the content is not overwhelming. I can listen and write at my own pace. It’s a great format for organizing years of random short story attempts. I am using it to guide my writing as I endeavor to polish and refine my stories. The videos are presented clearly with examples taken from wide-ranging literature to perfectly illustrate the writing concepts. The Writing Sparks are cleverly crafted to spur imagination. I highly recommend this course. Christine Walker has provided gentle guidance for my own creativity. The results are deeply satisfying, and my writing time has been loads of fun!

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5 star rating

Wonderful structured course for writers.

Teresa Cuseo

Christine’s course is a valuable tool for anyone serious about working on their writing. It’s full of tangible techniques to hone a writer’s craft. Christine...

Read More

Christine’s course is a valuable tool for anyone serious about working on their writing. It’s full of tangible techniques to hone a writer’s craft. Christine clearly knows her subject and makes it applicable for others who need guidance and inspiration. I very much appreciate the structure she offers for developing and completing a work of writing. I would recommend her course to anyone looking for a way forward with their own writing.

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Meet the instructor

Visual Artist & Writer, MFA, MA

Christine Walker

Christine Walker is a visual artist and writer. She has an MFA in Writing and Literature in Fiction from Bennington College, an MA in Creative Arts Interdisciplinary from San Francisco State, and a BFA from the University of Kansas. She is the author of "A Painter's Garden: Cultivating the Creative Life" (Warner Books), a narrative nonfiction illustrated with her paintings, and co-author and illustrator of "Wooleycat's Musical Theater," (Tortuga Press), children's book with song CD.

Her "Read to Write Books" courses in fiction craft, which she created to teach at local independent bookstores, serve as the basis for her online course "Writing Fiction: 9 Ways to Mastery." Her blog at has extended discussions that support this course curriculum.

She uses visual thinking approaches in her teaching and, as a visual practitioner and designer, facilitates group dialogue with visual storytelling. You can learn more about visual thinking at and see her paintings at She lives in Northern California near vineyards and disappearing apple orchards with her husband, Dennis Hysom, a musician and audio producer.

Participants in her Read to Write Books workshops said:

"It's a mini MFA course!"

"If you are looking to buttress and expand the elements of craft in writing fiction, this class presents each element in a very integrated way. In the event that you are a good writer and would like to improve your understanding of the elements of the actual craft of writing, this is a great course. Christine has modeled it on her MFA in Writing and Literature and it packs that kind of intellectual punch."

"Chris is an insightful, engaging teacher with great taste in literature!"

"If you love to read, now you’ll love to read even more after understanding the framing and foundation of a great novel."

"[Christine], herself a writer and painter, guided us through a very well-prepared and enjoyable experience of taking a focused look at the craft of writing. I enjoyed the selection of books and found the other participants stimulating and enjoyed their company."

"A great opportunity to have smartly led discussions about the craft techniques used in both classic and contemporary fiction."

"It has been a fun, motivating, and very worthwhile experience. What a joy it was to join with others--who either love to write or were and are avid readers--and hear the many different viewpoints. That alone was incredibly refreshing."

Course Curriculum

Is this course for you?

Designed with writers and readers in mind, this course takes you from where you are to where you want to go:

  • You are a writer who reads and wants to publish well.

  • You are a reader who writes and wants to improve your craft.

  • You are a book lover who wants to read like a writer.

Be inspired every day to improve your fiction writing and enhance your reading as a writer!

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